Digitally evolve the Brazilian industry by leveraging the best of an autonomous intelligent system, combining existing machines and the best people can offer. This symbiosis between machines, autonomous systems, and people, known as Industry 5.0, generates extraordinary results.

Our success history

Humans, machines, and artificial intelligence working together to maximize results practically and economically.

And how do we do it?

We understand that the Digital Evolution process is achieved at levels.

Level 1


Information available in real time on several screens. To achieve results, people need to look, think, and act. There are two fundamental differences between the Fourth and the Third Revolution B.I.: – data is collected autonomously. – data is concentrated in a single company database and not isolated on its machines.

Level 2

Simple algorithm, with at least one quantity acting directly on the effect.
“Simple” algorithms autonomously identify when a specific result magnitude improves. From there, it adjusts itself so that the output is better. Also, it collaborates and guides people to ensure standardized execution.

Level 3

Complex algorithm that correlates more than one magnitude acting directly on the effect(s)
“More complex” algorithms autonomously identify when more than one result magnitude improves together. It then adjusts itself so that future production is well planned and executed in this new condition. It also collaborates with and guides people to ensure standardized execution in different ways, depending on each person’s activity.

Level 4

Artificial Intelligence, through Machine Learning and Algorithmic Collaboration
Complex algorithms “understand” the environment and autonomously adapt process conditions (cause) to ensure that the following production is better than the one before (effect). This happens by acting directly on the machines and guiding and collaborating with people.

We created the concept of three Robots, representing the system and which interact with people and machines in real-time.

Ex.T Extractor Robot

Autonomous data extraction
ERP integrated

In.T Intelligent Robot

Recognizes better patterns
Machine Learning
Guides People
Manages Ac.T

Ac.T Action Robot

Executes the Ex.T order
Adapts the process to maximize results

The triad of robots operates at multiple operation points simultaneously.
From this, industrial algorithms have been developed in modules.

Find out more about our modules.

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